Veronica Figure + Exclusive Comic

2015 Limited Edition!! Less than 15 left!

Veronica was originally hand sculpted and made from Polyurethane. Each figure was hand-painted and comes in foam packaging that fits the figure's exact shape to ensure her safety while shipping. Veronica ships out in a white, unassuming cardboard box with no labeling, except for the proper addresses. Accompanying the figure is an EXCLUSIVE short comic that you can only get if you buy the figurine! The comic revolves around a bet between Sergio and Veronica - If she can stay a quiet little immobile toy for Sergio to play with, he'll buy her a new dress! Let's see who will win! The comic is 6 pages long, 11 including the art-only pages (no word balloons), in glorious full color! :) The comic is available for download right after you complete the purchase, and your package will be sent out promptly with a tracking number!

✦ Because the boxes are custom fit to the figure, I can't take advantage of USPS's flat rate service. Generally, shipping costs range about $8-$11 domestically (USA), and around $15 or so for international customers. And yes, this figure ships worldwide! Veronica has shipped out to Europe, Asia and Australia so far!

✦ I'm moving to Japan, so I've entrusted these beauties to a good friend of mine back in the Bronx. Because I'm not dropping her at the post office myself, please give him some time. We usually can get a figure out to you in less than a week domestically. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

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